My name is Michael Yao and I applied to medical school during the 2020-2021 application cycle. I graduated from Caltech in 2021 with a BS in Applied Physics, and I maintained a 4.0 GPA and scored a 520 on the MCAT in 2019 (129/129/132/130). I hope to use my expertise to help you on your path to become a physician.


Preparing to Apply

If you’re planning to apply to medical school in the future, I can help you with tailoring your extracurricular activities, tutoring, GPA management and course planning, and preparing/studying for the MCAT.

Academic Tutoring


AMCAS Primaries & Secondaries

As you’re thinking of sending out your AMCAS applications, my goal is to help you use your activity descriptions, personal statement, and secondary essays to craft a story that’s uniquely your own.

Essay Excerpts


Interview and Post-Interview

Based on my own interview experiences, I will help you prepare for your interviews, write update letters and letters of interest, and ultimately choose a medical school to call home.

Thoughts by School


How was your application cycle?

I applied exclusively to MD-PhD programs in 2020 for matriculation in 2021. As a result, I learned not only how to successfully apply to and interview with medical schools, but also graduate schools at many institutions across the United States. An overview of my application trail is to the right. To give you a baseline, the average MD matriculant in the United States receives 3 interview invitations, and receives less than 2 offers of admission. The average MD applicant applies to an average of 16 medical schools, giving an average interview invitation rate of less than 12%.


Where did you interview?

The schools that I was invited to interview at are shown to the left, half of which were first-round interviews. I understand that every school is different: some schools are strong in imaging research and integrating clinical technologies into the medical curriculum, while other schools are better at studying diabetes and community involvement. I can help you understand the unique strengths and weaknesses of each program to tailor your applications on a school-specific basis.

2021-22 MSTP Data Sheet

I'm interested! How can we work together?

Great! Get in touch with me via email, or feel free to fill out the form here (it also goes straight to my personal email). Let's set up an initial consultation, free of charge: we'll discuss compatibility, initial assessments, availabilities, rates, and payment options. Let's get to know each other and if there's a good fit, we can begin working on your application.