Personal Interview Experiences

I’ve interviewed at many of the top MD and MD-PhD programs across the United States. For each school that I interviewed with, I took down notes on my experiences and things that future applicants should look out for. For instance, here is an excerpt of some notes I took for xxxxxxxxxxxx medical school:

Overall, it was a very laidback experience. A series of six or seven interviews that each lasted 30 minutes. I met with 4 faculty members, 1 clinician, and 1 current MSTP G3, in addition to 2 of the MSTP program directors. All were open-file except for one of the MSTP director interviews.

The interview process was incredibly laidback with no curveballs or tough questions. Perhaps the hardest question I was asked was a follow-up question on my research. Because all of my interviews here were relatively short, they all followed roughly the same format that revolved around the same three questions:


To continue reading and gain access to all my interview write-ups, contact me here.

I believe that by providing you with an in-depth look at the unique interview process at every school and the aspects that make each program special, you will be better prepared to tackle any question that comes at you on interview day.