Outreach and Volunteer Work

2020 President of Caltech’s Medlife student club, member since 2017. Organized science exhibition days at local high schools, lab tours for high school students, clinical volunteering opportunities, community cancer symposiums, etc.
2020 Editor-in-Chief of Caltech’s undergraduate research journal, editor since 2017.
2020 Current tutor for high school students as a part of Caltech’s RISE Tutoring Program, and an independent tutor and college application essay editor.
2019 Member of the Academics and Research Committee at Caltech since 2017, and member of the Core Curriculum Steering Committee during the 2018-2019 school year. Acting liaison between faculty and undergraduates at Caltech to improve the quality of academic life on campus.
2018 Student Ambassador for Caltech’s Summer Undergraduate Research Program. Established a safe and inclusive space for students in summer research programs at Caltech, and offered resources to settle disputes and overcome difficulties throughout the summer.