Research and Work Experience

Read about the research groups I’ve been a part of below, organized from most to least recent. To learn more about my current research interests, check out this link.


MRI Image Reconstruction Team, Hyperfine

In the summer of 2021, I will work as a software engineering intern in the MRI Image Reconstruction Group at Hyperfine, a portable MRI startup based in Guilford, CT. I'll be focusing on writing scripts to automate imaging of the knee, and also working on optimizing noise cancellation algorithms. I'm excited to be joining the team on the east coast and using technology and software development to engineer novel clinical techologies!


Mikhail Shapiro Lab, Caltech

I worked on engineering probiotic bacteria and CAR T's to be thermally actuated using focused ultrasound to spatially localize immuntherapeutic activity. I also manipulated celular water diffusivity to act as a sensor for hypoxia in MRI imaging. I was an undergraduate research fellow in this lab from September 2017 until March 2021, the entire time I was at Caltech. You can read more about the specifics of my research here.


Dieter Gruenert Lab, UCSF

During high school, I spent two years studying differentiation of iPSCs to ultimately treat hypoparathyroidism using regenerative medicine. I also worked on developing gene therapies for cystic fibrosis through correcting W1282X and $\Delta$F508 genetic mutations using CRISPR-Cas9. I was a research intern in this lab from June 2015 until July 2017. I was recognized with honorable mention honors in the national 2017 Regeneron Science Competition for my research.

Publications, Presentations, and Manuscripts

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