Hello! I’m a current senior at Caltech studying physics and computer science. I am interested in how fundamental physical principles can be used to explain and model complex biological systems and their interaction with matter. I’m aspiring to become a physician-scientist to advance our understanding of science, technology and medicine.


January 2020

  1. Incredibly excited to be joining the Hyperfine team this summer as a software engineering intern! I’ll be developing image reconstruction algorithms for portable MRI’s and the next generation of clinical diagnostics.
  2. Honored to be supported by the Sum Yee and Sue Kai Yee Fund for my senior year at Caltech. I’m extremely grateful to Jim and Candy Yee for their support of students like myself.
  3. Thankful to have the support I received from the Richter Memorial Fund last year renewed for this academic year as well!
  4. Excited to have attended and presented at AIChE’s 11th Annual International Conference on Biomolecular Engineering in early January 2021. It was a fun conference on many up-and-coming technologies in biomaterials, cellular and protein engineering, and synthetic biology.

October 2020

  1. Gave an informal talk on CAR T-cell and checkpoint blockade technologies to high schools students today! Grateful to have talked with the next generation of future scientists. Link to the recording is here.
  2. Honored to have presented my research on probiotics in cancer therapy at the 2020 Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting. Although a virtual conference, this was an exciting opportunity to talk about my research and meet with other researchers!

July 2020

  1. Excited to have been selected for the Larson Scholar Fellowship to support my summer undergraduate research as part of the Caltech SURF program.

  2. Happy to announce that AtriaConnect’s collaboration with the Alma Mater Hospital in Gros-Morne, Haiti has been accepted for publication in POCUS Journal! Our Longitudinal Medical Education Model promises to be an effective method for teaching POCUS in resource-limited settings.

May 2020

  1. Honored to be receiving the Jack E. Froehlich Award in memory of the late Jack E. Froehlich, who did his undergraduate and graduate work at Caltech and was later the project manager for Explorer I for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The award of $1,500 is given to a junior in the upper 5% of his or her class who shows outstanding promise for a creative professional career.

  2. I am grateful to be recognized as a 2020 Henry Ford II Scholar Award recipient. This award of $5,000 is funded under an endowment provided by the Ford Motor Company Fund, and is made annually to engineering students with the best academic record at the end of the third year of undergraduate study.

January 2020

  1. Humbled to be the recipient of Caltech’s Scholarship funded by the Richter Memorial Fund in honor of Paul K. Richter and Evalyn E. Cook. This generous merit-based award helps to cover over 60% of my tuition fees.

  2. I am the recipient of the McLean Scholarship awarded by Caltech. Grateful for all of Caltech’s support and assistance throughout the past three years.

October 2019

  1. Excited to announce that a paper published by Dr. Anna Maw, one of AtriaConnect’s volunteer physicians, has been published in Diagnostics. Our work discusses some of the stakeholder perceptions in implementing point-of-care ultrasound training in resource-limited settings.

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